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Forest Road House - Single Room Room Features
Single Included
Double Not Included
Ensuite Not Included
Fast Broadband Included
Health, Safety, & Fire Requirements Included
Week £92.31
Month £400.00
Contract 11 Months*
Payment Options
OptionForDue ByTotal Due
Termly September Payable in Advance £400.00
  Autumn Term (Oct-Dec) On Arrival £1,400.00
  Spring Term (Jan-Mar) 15th January £1,400.00
  Summer Term (Apr-Jul) 23rd April £1,200.00
Total £4,400.00
One Payment September 15th September £4,400.00
5% Discount £220.00
Total £4,180.00
*Renew your contract upon expiry and get the 12th month rent free - terms apply