Rooms Are All Inclusive

All of our rooms are inclusive of broadband, electricity, gas, and water bills! Meaning you don't need to worry about what you use!
[Excludes Private Housing]

Info in Brief
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Call us on 01206 500202 between 8am and 7pm, Monday-Friday - you can find other ways on our contact page
Key Features
  • All inclusive
  • No deposit required
  • No guarantor required
  • Fast broadband
  • Free car parking
  • Worry free
  • On-site laundry
Great Benefits
  • 6 minutes from Tesco
  • One month rent free - terms apply
  • 5% discount with one full payment
  • No need to vacate at the end of term
  • On-site office at Forest Road House & Candan House
  • Frequent communal area cleaning
  • For late arriving students free out of hours service available at the beginning of tenancy
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Why not apply now for a place at one of our properties! We operate a first-come first-served policy, so beat the crowd and apply today!


Compare our different properties below:

 Forest Road HouseCandan HouseGreenstead House
Rooms From £300pm £320pm £340pm
Deposit Not Required Not Required Not Required
Time from University (by foot) 20 minutes 20 minutes 15 minutes
Time from University (by car/bike) 10 minutes 10 minutes 6 minutes
Time from Tesco (by foot) 6 minutes 6 minutes 1 minute
On-Site Parking
Number of Rooms 124 53 53
Ensuite Available
Large Single
Large Double
24-hour CCTV